Mounted parts

Accessories for every need


Upon request, Thermodyne will provide you with a large number of custom-made fixtures and fittings for your transport solution. As such, we optimally cover aspects and all operating conditions.

Mounted parts

Wherever you are and whatever the nature of the work

In terms of choice, Thermodyne’s customers are not limited to standard configurations. We fulfil every wish in terms of the exact fixtures and fittings of your transport solution. You can combine locks, hinges, rollers and much more, as you wish. We would be pleased to advise you in order to put together a precisely coordinated setup for your transportation container.



Image Article nr. Title
Catch400 128Catch, small (steel, galvanized)
Catch400 129Catch, small without logo (steel, galvanized)
Catch400 023Catch, small (stainless steel)
Catch400 134Catch, small without logo (steel, black)
Catch400 132Catch, large (steel, galvanized)
Catch400 261Catch, large without logo (steel, galvanized)
Catch400 025Catch, large (stainless steel)
Catch400 156Catch, large without logo (steel, black)
Catch400 172Catch, with ear for padlocks (steel, galvanized)
Butterfly catch400 054butterfly catch, small (steel, galvanized)
Butterfly catch400 193butterfly catch, small without logo (stainless steel)
Butterfly catch400 174butterfly catch, large (steel, galvanized)
Butterfly catch400 374butterfly catch, large (stainless steel)
Butterfly catch400 362butterfly catch, large (stainless steel)
Butterfly catch400 204butterfly catch, large without logo (steel, black)
Butterfly catch400 375butterfly catch, large (stainless steel, black)
Butterfly catch400 273butterfly catch, large lockable (steel, galvanized)
suitcase hasp400 175suitcase hasp, chromium plated (lockable)
suitcase hasp400 176suitcase hasp, black (combination lock)
suitcase hasp400 177suitcase hasp, black (lockable)
suitcase hasp400 178plastic catch, black
suitcase hasp400 203suitcase hasp, black (lockable)
suitcase hasp, black400 396suitcase hasp, black (TSA lock, with key)
safety lock400 017safety lock
Catch400 072catch
TSA lock400 220TSA lock
padlock hasp (D=6)400 016padlock hasp (D=6)
Padlock hasp400 242Padlock hasp
lead seal hasp for plastic seals ans padlocks400 099lead seal hasp for plastic seals ans padlocks
Padlock hasp 8mm (stainless steel, black)400 319Padlock hasp 8mm (stainless steel, black)
Padlock hasp 6mm (stainless steel, black)400 320Padlock hasp 6mm (stainless steel, black)
security padlock hasp400 340security padlock hasp (stainless steel, with logo)
security padlock hasp400 341security padlock hasp (stainless steel, black, with logo)


Image Article nr. Title
Handle, small (steel, galvanized)400 125Handle, small (steel, galvanized)
Handle, small, without logo (steel, galvanized)400 126Handle, small, without logo (steel, galvanized)
Handle, small, (steel, silver galvanized)400 181Handle, small, (steel, silver galvanized)
Handle, small (stainless steel, without logo)400 372Handle, small (stainless steel, without logo)
Handle, small, without logo (steel, black)400 127Handle, small, without logo (steel, black)
Handle, small (stainless steel, black, without logo)400 373Handle, small (stainless steel, black, without logo)
Handle, large (steel, galvanized)400 120Handle, large (steel, galvanized)
Handle, large, without logo (steel, galvanized)400 121Handle, large, without logo (steel, galvanized)
Handle, large, without logo (stainless steel)400 370Handle, large, without logo (stainless steel)
Handle, large, (stainless steel, black)400 371Handle, large, (stainless steel, black)
Handle, large, without logo (steel, black)400 122Handle, large, without logo (steel, black)
handle, recessed400 143handle, recessed
plastic strap handle400 007plastic strap handle
Pull out handle (interior, 2-step)400 231Pull out handle (interior, 2-step)
pull out handle with integrated wheels400 091pull out handle with integrated wheels
Pull out handle400 248Pull out handle
pull out handle, black (1-step)400 402pull out handle, black (1-step)
pull out handle, black (2-step)400 403pull out handle, black (2-step)
Pull out handle, black (interior, 3-step)400 404Pull out handle, black (interior, 3-step)
Pull out handle, black (interior, 2-step)400 040Pull out handle, black (interior, 2-step)
pull out handle, large, 175mm, without logo (steel, galvanized)400 123pull out handle, large, 175mm, without logo (steel, galvanized)
pull out handle, large, 245mm, without logo (steel, galvanized)400 124pull out handle, large, 245mm, without logo (steel, galvanized)
plastic handle (pull out)400 089plastic handle (pull out)
suitcase handle (plastic, black)400 190suitcase handle (plastic, black)
suitcase handle (plastic, silver)400 232suitcase handle (plastic, silver)


Image Article nr. Title
Hinge (stainless steel, 40x40mm)400 012Hinge (stainless steel, 40x40mm)
Hinge (stainless steel, 60x60mm)400 014Hinge (stainless steel, 60x60mm)
Hinge 60x60mm (stainless steel)400 202Hinge 60x60mm (stainless steel)
Hinge 50x50mm (stainless steel, black)400 146Hinge 50x50mm (stainless steel, black)
Hinge 60x60mm (stainless steel, black)400 201Hinge 60x60mm (stainless steel, black)
detachable hinge 58x48mm (steel, galvanized)400 325detachable hinge 58x48mm (steel, galvanized)

Lid stay

Image Article nr. Title
Webbing lid stay400 010Webbing lid stay
Wire lid stay400 031Wire lid stay
Detachable wire lid stay400 326Detachable wire lid stay
lid stay, small400 036lid stay, small
lid stay, big400 035lid stay, big
pneumatic spring, small400 111pneumatic spring, small
Pneumatic spring, large400 171Pneumatic spring, large

Wheels and feet

Image Article nr. Title
Die cast wheel (plastic, black, 50mm, 25kg/both)400 149Die cast wheel (plastic, black, 50mm, 25kg/both)
Die cast wheel (zinc die cast, black, 75mm, 100kg/both)400 150Die cast wheel (zinc die cast, black, 75mm, 100kg/both)
Die cast wheel (plastic, black, 75mm, 100kg/both)400 165Die cast wheel (plastic, black, 75mm, 100kg/both)
Die cast wheel (plastic, black, 37,5mm)400 234Die cast wheel (plastic, black, 37,5mm)
wheels 50mm400 092wheels 50mm
Edge castor with bearring, 40mm400 093Edge castor with bearring, 40mm
suitcase wheels400 026suitcase wheels (D=50mm, 25kg/pair)
wheels400 037wheels (D=50mm, 35kg/pair)
Castor400 065Castor (75mm, 50kg a piece)
Castor, with brake400 066Castor, with brake (75mm, 50kg a piece)
Castor with stop400 095Castor with stop (50mm)
Castor (100mm, 75kg apiece)400 100Castor (100mm, 75kg apiece)
Castor with brake (100mm, 75kg apiece)400 101Castor with brake (100mm, 75kg apiece)
Fixed castor 80mm, blue400 260Fixed castor 80mm, blue
Castor400 276Castor
foot400 055plastic foot (D=35mm, 30mm high)
pallet foot400 050pallet foot (D=100mm, 100mm high)
Foot stand, half-round (80x35mm, h=44mm)400 233Foot stand, half-round (80x35mm, h=44mm)
400 184Air cushioned pallet foot, brown beige, Skid Mate (10-16kg apiece)
Air cushioned pallet foot, green, Skid Mate (14-23kg apiece)400 185Air cushioned pallet foot, green, Skid Mate (14-23kg apiece)
400 168Air cushioned pallet foot, yellow, Skid Mate (20-36kg apiece)
400 187Air cushioned pallet foot, blue, Skid Mate (32-57kg apiece)
400 188Air cushioned pallet foot, orange, Skid Mate (61-102kg apiece)


Image Article nr. Title
Dokumententasche400 060Dokumententasche
Document pocket upright A5400 067Document pocket upright A5
Document pocket upright A6400 068Document pocket upright A6
document pocket across, 210 x 115mm400 102document pocket across, 210 x 115mm
Document pocket A6, transparent400 133Document pocket A6, transparent
Roping eye, recessed400 162Roping eye, recessed
Document pocket across, 210 x 160mm400 195Document pocket across, 210 x 160mm
Document pocket upright, DIN A4400 266Document pocket upright, DIN A4
Document container, small (watertight)400 041Document container, small (watertight)
sealing holder400 029sealing holder
Roping eye, spring loaded400 131Roping eye, spring loaded
ear for straps, stiff400 726ear for straps, stiff
Ear for straps400 141Ear for straps
Shoulder Strap 25 x 130mm (with 2 carabiners)400 140Shoulder Strap 25 x 130mm (with 2 carabiners)
Pressure regulator400 412Pull out handle, black (interior, 2-step)
Drop indicator (N) Tell 25G, reusable400 115Drop indicator (N) Tell 25G, reusable
Drop indicator (N) Tell 50G, reusable400 116Drop indicator (N) Tell 50G, reusable
Desiccant (Sillica Gel)400 221Desiccant (Sillica Gel)
Distance bush400 279Distance bush
"Place Label Here!" - label400 183"Place Label Here!" - label
Type label Thermodyne450 071Type label Thermodyne

Al- profile

Image Article nr. Title
Aluminium profile, small300 052Aluminium profile, small
Aluminium profile, big300 053Aluminium profile, big
Aluminium profile, small, schwarz300 052_sAluminium profile, small, schwarz
Aluminium profile, big, black300 053_sAluminium profile, big, black

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