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Individual labeling to special request by Thermodyne. Multiple options and types available.


Branding and ID markings, by Thermodyne, at the factory.

An important feature of identification and individualisation is the container labelling. Thermodyne offer a complete range of options to personalise your transport containers. In addition to stick-on labels, engraved signs and screen printing, Thermodyne also offer “in-process” options such as hot stamping or moulded-in ID. Your sales consultant will provide full details of the advantages of each option, working together to provide the best solution.

Decals & labels

Simple, but effective

Labels are quick & easy to apply, bonding securely to the exterior, or interior, of your Thermodyne transport container. Our stickers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and resistant to various solvents (e.g. turpentine or gasoline) as well as several alkalis and acids.
Choose from two sticker sizes (50mm or 100mm high) as needed. Two colour stickers with a choice of background (choose from transparent, black, silver, white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue) and text detail in a contrasting colour (choose from white, red or black). To request, we will also design multicoloured stickers in different sizes to your specification.


Screen printing

Corporate branding

Screen printing provides the flexibility to reproduce company branding as required. Not only can the image size, design and position be accommodated, we can also match the colour tone according to your corporate identity. Our comprehensive service covers all aspects including screens, setting and accurate printing in the appropriate position – it’s permanent, professional & personalised.

Individual logo embossing

Reliable embossing

An embossed corporate logo on a Thermodyne container guarantees both permanent brand recognition and company identity. We design and develop, to meet your specification, a custom-made template to produce, in-house, a CNC-milled logo plate. The plate is then fitted to the mould tool which, during the thermoforming process, will form your logo permanently into the HDPE container shell. The container is uniquely, permanently branded with your corporate identity.


Laser engraved signs and labels

Flexible and detailed

Engraved ID plates enhance your Thermodyne container’s function and professional identity. Not only are they securely applied, robust and durable but Thermodyne have the facilities to reproduce almost any type font or graphic to the highest quality. Standard ID plates are supplied in 3 colours: black with white detail or silver and yellow with black detail. Available in 3 standard sizes (80x30mm, 100x50mm, 135x100mm) we will create your personalised engraved ID plate. Should you require a specific colour, or size, we will be pleased to advise for that personal touch.


Foam engraving

Not “set in stone”, but set in foam!

Foam is not “just foam”. Enhance your custom designed foam interior with laser engraved text and branding for that professional edge. The permanent imprint clearly identifies the contents improving its function and logical organisation. A crisp and accurate finish for eye-catching results.


Hot stamping

High quality finish

For high quality logos and text, the hot foil imprint process provides an effective solution. We will develop your required design to then produce, in-house, the template on our CNC-controlled, precision milling machines. During the hot stamping process, a combination of heat and pressure guarantees the colour foil forms a permanent bond with the container shell. You determine the colour and layout - we take care of the rest. The end result - a high-quality, professional solution.


Laser engraved case shell

Distinctive & permanent

Laser engraving, directly into the Thermodyne container HDPE shell, is both permanent and unmistakable. For best results we recommend this option with anthracite, silver or olive green colour transport containers. We will be pleased to discuss the various options in detail whether it is purely for identification with part numbers and lettering or to include your organisation’s logo or a specific design.


Moulded-in letters

Clear, concise & economical

Your ID “moulded-in” during the manufacture process is our most simple, economical and unmistakable form of shell customization. By using standard capital letters and numbers (character height 25 or 32 mm) we create a bespoke made plate which is fixed to the mould tool, embossing the details permanently, securely into the shell of your Thermodyne container. Identified for life!


Professional advice on container labeling.

Andreas Schüttpelz

Whichever method of identification or branding is best suited to your requirement will depend on several factors. Together we will discuss the containers’ usage and the functions it performs to arrive at the optimum form of identification to suit your specific needs.

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