19" Rack Mount Case

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19" Rack Mount Cases from Thermodyne are specifically designed for the installation of electronic racks and offer perfect protection even in harsh environments. All 19" Rack Mount Cases are made from high-impact polyethylene (PE-HD) and withstand even the most extreme physical stresses. The solid-coloured plastic shells are also resistant to the influence of chemicals. As such, colour and shape are retained even under extreme conditions and meet even the toughest of industry-specific standards.

19" Rack Mount Cases – Customised safety and handling

A transport solution that meets all requirements is needed, especially in harsh environments. The 19" Rack Mount Cases from Thermodyne are equipped with a resilient frame, which protects sensitive electronic components. Depending on the model, the containers also meets special civil and military packaging standards such as ATA 300 (Category I) of the aviation industry which states that the container still has to be fully functional, even after 280 drop tests.


Many standard sizes

Compact through to upright format

Even our standard product is exceptional. With over 400 container sizes available, we offer a comprehensive range that covers numerous applications.


Special formats

Any kind of format

We manufacture containers according to your specifications and integrate your desired functions: whether special installations (such as active cooling), attachments or specific dimensions: contact us!


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Colourful diversity

Thermodyne offers its 19" Rack Mount Cases in nine colours as standard. Upon request, you can obtain our 19" Rack Mount Cases in any colour. As a result, the transportation boxes can be adapted to the branding of your company and designed to be virtually unmistakable.


Customs Solutions

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bear your



In the case of Thermodyne products, the special and individual does not just end with size and features. We are able to offer you almost unlimited possibilities for the customisation and branding of your solution. In a large number of projects, we have looked at how we can introduce additional functions that have gone beyond the original specifications and have added real added to the user.


Customs Solutions

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