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At Thermodyne, we combine all services under one roof, from the initial idea of the product through to development and production.

Convincing services

We implement your optimum packaging solution with the latest processes in container production – from the single unit to the serial product. Because no matter how good the product is – it is often the right type of services that only brings out the full benefits. Thermodyne knows your needs very well, and also offers a wide range of skills and the necessary resources. Benefit from our range of services for your specific task.



All services at a glance

All options at a glance


Sometimes you need a partner that develops products that are not yet available on the market. Thermodyne is such a partner! Using CAD software, we are able to design and construct highly complex foam inserts for you. We achieve a level of precision that meets the highest quality requirements. In addition, we calculate the optimum mixture of materials that makes your solution strong, functional and uniquely secure.


Development of solutions

If there are no solutions for specific requirements and applications on the market, we will simply develop them for you. Each packaging task requires an individual solution. We are in our element – especially with tricky requirements. After all, we specialise in finding solutions for tasks that other manufacturers would not approach. Using clear processes and workflows, we accompany you from the first technical discussions through to results that are ready for production.


Equipping with components

The practicality and functionality of a transport solution are important, especially in mobile applications. Therefore, it may be a good idea to merge both components. This makes the packaging part of the product. We are happy to equip your transport container with your goods ex works and assemble components for you. This way, we minimise your assembly work to a minimum.


Measuring of components

In many cases, there are no geometry data for the components. Thermodyne is equipped with state-of-the-art software and hardware in order to measure even complex components with a high level of precision. As a result, we are able to develop customised upholstery for every object and also offer tailor-made support for valuable goods.



We look after the successful testing of your packaging with regard to all specifications and packaging standards which apply to the specific application (e.g. DOT, IATA, ASTM, ICAO, DIN). From the selection of suitable testing institutes through to the delivery of the certificates, we are there for you. Thermodyne is also accredited by the Federal Institute for Materials Testing and is able to develop approved UN hazardous goods containers for you.


Drop tests

Transport and storage containers with maximum breakage resistance are not accidental. They are the result of modern research and high-specification testing methods. Thermodyne has equipment for performing drop tests in-house. Using sensors, we are able to measure the residual shock load after a shock and prove the safety of the packaging. As such, your precious goods are optimally protected in all cases.



With framework contracts, we ensure you stable prices over a longer period as well as a short-term delivery quantity. Thermodyne also has extensive experience in the field of export. We carry out all the formalities to do with the processing of shipments including all customs regulations. RFID labelling is also part of our logistics programme. As a result, the location of your transportation boxes is traceable at all times.


Advice about our services

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Do you have detailed questions about our range of services and would like to find out about the respective processes? Your personal customer advisor will tell you everything we have to offer in this field.

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