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However individual a solution turns out, is determined entirely by the requirements. The type and execution of the foam insert, special installations inside the case, electronic installations for the special functionality, special embodiments and solutions for OEMs – Thermodyne always finds the optimal setup in order to help you ensure safety and handling with storage and transportation.


Electronic attachments

There are special applications which insinuate the installation of electrical or electronic components. Whether it is fan or heating elements which automatically regulate the interior temperature of the container, or the direct installation of laptops or measuring electronics within the container solution – together with our customers, we find the optimum configuration in order to transform your transportation box into a mobile all-rounder.


Equipment packages

Heavy rain can fall onto transportation boxes or alternatively, they can fall into water. All of this can have serious consequences. Water-tightness is far from the only feature variant that Thermodyne offers. We have put together useful equipment packages for different fields of application. Container stiffeners for increased stacking loads, the capacity for the container to be used with forklifts or corrosion-resistant stainless steel versions match your container to the desired application.


Foam inserts

At Thermodyne, we manufacture all foam inserts for transport solutions in-house. This creates an optimum overall solution in combination with the container housings. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we are able to measure virtually any design with precision and process the foam so that your product is securely packed. Depending on the requirements and sensitivity of the component, we determine the required thickness of the foam and customise the transportations containers.


Foam inserts

Mechanical attachments

Many products are particularly sensitive and at the same time, they are subject to design-specific features that require special solutions for safe transport. Components that can only be picked up and held at specific places place special demands on the packaging. Thermodyne meets this challenge with specialised expertise. We develop individual container installations made of plastic or light metal, which hold even the most complex of goods securely.


OEM solutions

Original Equipment Manufacturers often bring innovative products or components onto the market for which tailor-made transport packaging is not available. In such cases, Thermodyne is exactly the right contact. We have already worked together with many well-known OEMs and developed solutions that meet the requirements in terms of transportation, handling and warehouse security as well as brand communication.



Container labelling is an important means for identifying the container and individualisation. In this field, Thermodyne offers a whole range of options that facilitate the assignment of transportation containers. In addition to stickers, engraved signs, screen printing and hot stamping, our customers have the opportunity to mould characters and logos directly into the shell of the container. Your customer advisor will provide you with full details about the advantages of the individual methods.

options of labelling


Add-on components

Special application scenarios require independent solutions. These include various variants of handles and carry belts, padlocks for safe storage of the goods to be transported or stored or container-mounted shipping wallets for transportation documents. In addition, we can equip each container with arresting belts or compression springs in order to provide additional security in transit and ease of handling.


Add-on components

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