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All over the world, Thermodyne develops, manufactures and distributes transportation boxes, carrying cases and trolleys that are unique in terms of their quality, functionality and individuality.

Optimally packaged – with Thermodyne

Thermodyne, is your experienced solution provider for transportation boxes, trolleys and carrying cases. For years, we have worked successfully with numerous industries for whom we develop optimum transportation and packaging solutions. For this, we offer an extensive standard range. If there is no standard solution for a specific request, we develop it individually upon request, even from a batch size of one.



Thermodyne offers suitable production and storage capacities for flexible commissioning. We are available for our customers – from the production of single units to large orders involving several thousand pieces.


Quality management

Quality is more than just a word with us. We act according to established standard processes in order to persuade our customers consistently and sustainably with our products. In order to meet this requirement, we confirm the effectiveness of our approach in ISO 9001 audits every year.


Corporate ResponsibilityThermodyne's intelligent and long-term usable solutions are produced in a climate-friendly setting. In addition, they are fully recyclable and therefore an important part of the recovered substance cycle.


Thermodyne’s manufacturing process use “regrind”, reconditioned granular plastics, as well as plastics made from naturally renewable
resources on customer request. We return our waste to our suppliers,
who use it to produce new materials for our production process. This
creates a closed cycle, which characterises the special sustainability
of our products and solutions


Our production and storage facilities were designed and constructed
purposely for low energy consumption and sustainability. The buildings
have an air well that draws in air from the ground to provide cooling in
summer and heating in winter. In addition, we have equipped the roof
with a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system, producing a large part of our
energy requirements. This - together with energy-efficient production
facilities - turns an industrial building into a climate-neutral production