Cleanroom technology, laboratory technology and medical technology

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Thermodyne's transportation containers enable the safe transport of medical goods and products.

Cleanroom technology, laboratory technology and medical technology

Perfect protection for clinical equipment

Medical products, surgical equipment, endoscopes, mobile X-ray technology - in some cases, these goods are of considerable value and they require special packaging. Products for industrial cleanroom conditions often have to meet significantly higher requirements. Thermodyne develops and supplies individual solution packages for precisely these purposes.


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We have already developed transportation containers for numerous instruments as well operating and laboratory equipment that is in use worldwide. When choosing and designing your container, rely on our experience and advice.

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Customs Solutions

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In the case of Thermodyne products, the special and individual does not just end with size and features. We are able to offer you almost unlimited possibilities for the customisation and branding of your solution. In a large number of projects, we have looked at how we can introduce additional functions that have gone beyond the original specifications and offer the user real added value.


Customs Solutions