Technology for taking measurements and electronics

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Thermodyne offers many years of expertise in the packaging of sensitive electronic goods for tranport.

Technology for taking measurements and electronics

The more sensitive the goods, the more important the packaging.

Highly sensitive technology for taking measurements and electronic products demand sophisticated solutions for safe transport and optimum packaging. In particular, OEMs trust the individual products from Thermodyne. It often makes sense to integrate the electronics securely in the transportation container. This way, our customers take advantage of both security and functionality, united in one product.


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Experience with sensitive products

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For many years we have found optimal solutions for the electronics industry. Depending on the product, we will determine with you the exact requirements that the transport container must meet.

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In the case of Thermodyne products, the special and individual does not just end with size and features. We are able to offer you almost unlimited possibilities for the customisation and branding of your solution. In a large number of projects, we have looked at how we can introduce additional functions that have gone beyond the original specifications and offer the user real added value.


Customs Solutions