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Thermodyne is much more than a manufacturer of transportation boxes, carrying cases and trolleys. We develop packaging for a whole range of industries that often does not even exist on the market. We take "Your world" to mean your specific requirements. We measure your cargo accurately, determine the required shape and size of the container and develop the optimal interior of the transportation box with our in-house foam production.


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The product database provides you with a comprehensive overview of what is already possible with our standard range. Discover our products, ready to ship sizes and all the standardised options that Thermodyne has to offer.


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Thermodyne – A partner for important industries

Aviation & logistics

Handling, weight, protection, safety - the list of requirements for transportation containers used in aviation and logistics is long. Thermodyne knows the needs of this industry and finds the optimal solution for you.


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The transportation of highly sensitive electronic instruments and equipment requires an experienced partner that is familiar in all the needs of this industry. Thermodyne is such a partner.


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The transportation of military goods is subject to both numerous and strict legal requirements. Thermodyne has been finding a variety of solutions for years as a recognised partner in this industry.


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Medicine & cleanroom

Medical equipment must be ready for use even after gruelling transportation. Thermodyne develops solutions that are optimally geared towards transport and mobile use.


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German quality products

Designed for you – Made in Germany


In our own factory, we manufacture Thermodyne transportation containers and foam inserts with an unprecedented level of vertical integration. This way, we consistently achieve the highest quality in terms of durability, robustness, functionality and safety. This makes Thermodyne the reliable partner for your supply chain.

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